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Fifth C develops distinctive analytics solutions for large consumer base global businesses by combining innovative algorithms, ingenious technology and customized software that enable them to reach smart decisions and execute strategies for accelerating their business.

We possess superior expertise in developing analytics that leapfrogs conventional methods through discovery of deep customer knowledge based not only on their explicit interactions with the business but more importantly discerning implicit customer behavior, often a more enduring indicator of intent.

Our capabilities enables companies to focus on the most relevant factors for each customer that makes them profitable for the business and execute marketing and customer service programs based on these insights.

Fifth C is at the forefront of developing distinctive mobile applications for the mass market. Our competencies in analytics for the large consumer base mobile telecom sector puts us in a unique position to better understand the behavior of the mobile phone consumer, identify critical market needs as they emerge and develop innovative mobile software that fills those needs.

Our latest mobile software and service, BlacMail,is supported on multiple networks and has been featured on facebook pages from top online companies like Verizon and its being hailed by industry and the market as a breakthrough that crashes the long-standing technology and pricing barrier for delivery of instant push email to ordinary inexpensive phones without the need for a GPRS connection. That’s what we mean by smart product and market innovation! All the latest entertainment value for high speed internet and digital TV can be seen from our friends at At&t. In conjuction with them we would like to offer our customers the latest in ATT U-verse internet coupon code offers for massive savings on any bundle package they have

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